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Collecting is the sort of thing that creeps up on you....

Gail Hawes

Some people are very fortunate to come across an interest at young age which will inform them for the rest of their lives.  For Gail, it was the introduction to embroidery and textiles before her teenage years which has remained with her. 

Living in different countries for over 30 years has given her the opportunity to not only have a career, but also to travel widely and to explore her interest in studying textiles    

It was while living in London that she undertook her City & Guilds in Creative Textiles – a wide ranging course – under the tutelage of Julia Caprara, an early member of the renowned 62 Group.  Antique and vintage textiles were often used to inspire and study design and have been a constant inspiration to her.

Her personal collection of textiles began at this stage, and she has a substantial collection of embroidered, tribal textiles and lace collected through her many travels. 

She is experienced in the conservation and preservation of textiles, and regularly gives talks on various aspects of her collection.   She has a wealth of knowledge, across a broad range of textiles, including tribal textiles from various parts of the world as well as hand made lace from the 18th C onwards. 

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