About Us

Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.
— Anonymous

Who are Soulful Stitches?

Whether an interior designer, stylist or a family designing their own home, Soulful Stitches is the destination to find one off unique textile pieces which will compliment either a corporate or home environment.  Soulful Stitches is also a destination for collectors who are looking for high quality pieces.  These will most often be one off, unique pieces, with a mastery of technique rarely seen in the fast paced world of today.  Techniques which have been passed down the generations, and are so often being lost as the younger generation steer away from the traditions of their forebears, and look for careers more in tune with modern day society. Some pieces which were made for the export market, or those made for  use by Royalty down to those pieces made for everyday use. Each will have a quality of workmanship and skill which is rarely made today.   

Supporting the contemporary artist of today is also very important. To compliment the antique and vintage textiles, contemporary textile art will also be available. Artists selected for the quality of workmanship and design will be invited to have online exhibitions, making their work available for the finest homes and corporate spaces. Their work will vary enormously as they reinterpret many of the older techniques into works of art.  

From time to time we may surprise you with collectable quality artworks on paper, or other special ranges as a one off.  These will be the finest works.   

Soulful Stitches will also build into a very comprehensive destination for accurate information on antique and historic textiles, from a variety of regions throughout the world.  Information on different techniques, links to quality videos, perhaps book reviews, exhibitions which are taking place internationally.