New Norcia using Nanotechnology to store conserved ecclesiastical garments

New Norcia, with the expertise of Dr Ian MacLeod of the Maritime Museum in Perth have introduced nanotechnology to store conserved garments identified with a 'Preservation needs assessment' of the Collection.   As a part of the 1200 objects in the Collection, the most valuable and important have been identified and selected for complete conservation.  Once restored several garments are being stored in a new nanotechnology copper and plastic material.  This material draws out the impurities from the garment, destroys the impurities, thus keeping the object in its optimum condition. 

'Dr Ian MacLeod has recently introduced us to a breakthrough in nanotechnology - a copper fibre impregnated plastic material being made into storage (Intercept) bags. (13) With many of the major galleries, companies and museums adopting them, we are trialing their use in the transfer of textile collection items with significant metal components, such as silver and gold thread, buttons and lace, especially as a way to maintain the high level of conservation funded. The copper attracts impurities and effectively cleans while it stores, a win-win also for the durability of funding outcomes and the enjoyment of future viewers.'