The concept of individuality in a world of mass consumerism continues to fascinate.  What may appear as individuality and freedom to choose may result in following the pack and conformity within the norms of a particular place and time. Gail Hawes uses contemporary textile techniques and materials to explore individuality within a confined structure.


23 FEBRUARY – 3 MARCH 2019, CITY ARTS SPACE Northbridge Piazza

The exhibition showed a departure from the stitched textiles which Gail Hawes has most recently been known.  Over many years she has built up a broad knowledge of a wide variety of textile techniques and these have been used extensively in this body of work.  The setting of parameters is very important to her practice, as it creates a situation where inventiveness and experimentation are forefront of the process.  Starting as an exploratory project – creating one sample a day for a month using only from the materials which were visible in her work space – the seed for the project began. There would be no ‘going into the cupboards’ for this series of boundary pushing fun plays. Always with a theme to unpin the experiments, Gail was kept on track by a friend in South Africa with whom it was a joint challenge. The exhibition will also be featured the work of guest ceramic artist Robert Hawes.  


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