Kimono sample fabric bolt

Kimono sample fabric bolt


Different kimonos were worn for daily use and for each of the celebrations which took place in life. Some kimonos were ‘ready to wear’, and others, for more special occasions were made to the specifications of the purchaser.

Salesmen would visit with their ‘kimono sample rolls’, from which the customer would select exactly which of the fabrics they would like for their kimono. Each kimono sample roll would have a ‘fashionable’ range of designs in similar colourways. The rolls came in varying lengths, with some of the panels numbered.

This roll contains 43 panels, each of which is 280mm x 360mm. In total this sample roll is 13.37 metres long. It is perfect for framing of individual panels, or to make into cushions or other smaller décor items….or to hang.

This kimono roll has designs from small dots, simple line geographical lines in a range of browns and deep blues.

Product Code:  1134

Length:  13.37m

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