Pulkari head cloth or shawl

Pulkari head cloth or shawl


Pulkari, Punjabi literally means “flower work” and was originally used to describe all types of emb­roidery. In time, however, the term came to be used only for an embroidered head cloth or shawl, some 1.40 x 2.30m in size, also known as an odhini. Pulkari are made in Punjab which is between India and Pakistan.

The major distinguishing feature between baghs and pulkaris relates to the amount of embroidery. In pulkaris, the motifs are more or less regularly divided over the whole cloth, and large areas of ground fabric are visible. As a rule, the ends have quite different patterns from the centre and are often much more richly worked. The motifs on a bagh, on the other hand, are embroidered so close to each other that the ground cloth shows as just a thin line around each motif. Also the ends of the bagh almost always pick up the motif of the main field.

This Pulkari is a beautiful example of this style of embroidery done in a silk floss onto a rich rust coloured hand loomed cotton. The silk floss is unspun (pat) giving a lustrous shimmer to the stitches, where a majority of the silk remains on the front, rather than wasting silk by having it not seen on the reverse.

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Size:   1.40 x 2.30 m

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