Panel from Vintage Silk Fukuro Obi

Panel from Vintage Silk Fukuro Obi


This panel has been taken from a formal Fukuro Obi.  This is one of the most formal Obi’s worn by Japanese women.  This exceptional panel (which compliments Product 1103), shows the exquisite skill of the Japanese master craftsmen.    When designing an Obi, the master craftsman will have known which parts of the garment would be seen by the audience.   The quality workmanship was therefore designed to be seen, and not to be hidden away by the wrapping and knotting of the garment.

This very organic design has been hand painted onto silk, with a beautiful speckled background.  The forms are in a variety of metallic colours and forms over this are hand embroidered in silk thread, which is enhanced with gold highlights.  The borders are finished with a fine gold thread. 

Framed with off white mount, black frame 

Product Code:  1102

Size:  530mm x 530mm (Frame)

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