Aubusson style woven tapestry panel – mid 1800’s

Aubusson style woven tapestry panel – mid 1800’s


From the 15th century onwards, various tapestry workshops were established and working to produce the huge hangings which were fashionable in castles and stately homes throughout Europe.  The major workshops included Aubusson, Beauvais and the Gobelin tapestry workshops.

The Gobelins tapestry workshops that were established under the general direction of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the finance minister of Louis XV.  Whereas the royal Gobelins manufacture executed tapestries for the royal residences and for ambassadorial gifts, the manufacture at Beauvais always remained a private enterprise.   Beauvais specialised in low-warp tapestry weaving with a small quantity of high-warp tapestry as well.

Not only did tapestry workshops produce huge wall hangings, they also made chair seat covers of varying sizes to compliment the larger hangings.  This small panel is a beautiful example of aloom woven tapestry panel which would most probably have come from a chair. Although ‘tapestry’ is hard wearing, the chairs were used leaving delightful small fragments.  One can only imagine their whole glory. 

This panel is framed, mounted and glazed

Product code:  1119

Size: 360mm x 320mm

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