Black Hmong hand embroidered belt panel

Black Hmong hand embroidered belt panel


The Hmong or Miao are an ethnic group who originally lived in the mountainous regions of southern China, and who over the years have moved south into Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand.  This migration began in the 18th Century owing to political unrest and to find land which was more suited to agriculture. 

It is believed that there are up to 15 million Hmong or Miao, who are divided into innumerable different subgroups throughout the South East Asian region. Each has their own distinct traditional costume.

This belt panel is from the Black Hmong from the Thailand or Laos and is most likely at least 30 years old.  This handmade panel has been hand dyed,  is beautifully embroidered and has fine applique throughout the piece.  It is in good condition and would look great framed.   

Product code:  1144

Size:    200 x 470 mm  

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