Contemporary Silk Fukuro Obi

Contemporary Silk Fukuro Obi


There are a variety of different types of women's obi, and the usage of them is regulated by the many unwritten rules not unlike those that concern the kimono itself. Certain types of obi are used with certain types of kimono; the obi of married and unmarried women are tied in different ways. Often the obi regulates the formality and fanciness of the whole kimono outfit: the same kimono can be worn in very different situations depending on what kind of obi is worn with it.

The Fukuro Obi is one of the most formal Obi’s worn by the present generation.  Typical of most quality Fukuro Obi’s this piece is lined in a finer silk to make it lighter and easier to wear. 

The surface texture of this Obi has been created by the smallest running stitches over the whole surface of the fabric creating mini gathers.  This creates a beautiful visual effect.

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