Silk Irotomesode Kimono with Mountain and Crane design

Silk Irotomesode Kimono with Mountain and Crane design


The irotomesode is a kimono with a solid colour background.   The unique feature of the irotomesode is that there are no patterns on the upper half of the body and the sleeves.    In the past, stripes or patterns could have been woven or dyed into the background to form a light pattern.   The design only sweeps  across the lower body and most of the time go all the way around the kimono, often into the lining.  They are always made of silk. 

The irotomesode originally developed from furisode kimono.   After the marriage, the furisode kimono’s long sleeves were shortened to create a “tomesode”, which literally means “shortened sleeves”. (tome = to fasten / sode = sleeve).   This was due to the impracticality of long sleeves for married women while doing housework.

A stunning hand painted kimono has created by a master of hand painting.  The panel across the lower portion of the kimono features cranes flying over the forest towards the mountains.  The depth of colour and the sophistication of the hand painting makes this kimono an artwork.  With the subtlety of the colours and the workmanship this kimono will delight for years. 

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