Stunning vintage Fukuro Obi

Stunning vintage Fukuro Obi


There are many different types of women's obi, and the usage of them is regulated by many unwritten rules not unlike those that concern the kimono itself. Certain types of obi are used with certain types of kimono; the obi of married and unmarried women are tied in different ways. Often the obi adjusts the formality and fanciness of the whole kimono outfit: the same kimono can be worn in very different situations depending on what kind of obi is worn with it.

The Fukuro Obi is one of the most formal Obi’s worn by the present generation. 

This obi is of a beautiful rich rust colouration, and features a repeat pattern of trees, mountains and swirling clouds above.   This pattern is repeated over the majority of the obi, with a panel 100cms long of plain fabric.  The obi is of a medium weight beautifully woven fabric with a water wash pattern featuring subtly behind the design.   This piece would be perfect to hang,  could be used as a table runner, or other decorative purposes. 

Product code:  1149

Size:    300 x 3500mm

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