Vintage  Japanese silk panel with silk embroidery - mid 20th C

Vintage  Japanese silk panel with silk embroidery - mid 20th C


A beautiful panel of fine figured silk, which has been used within an obi or a kimono.  The pattern is of hanging banners within scrolling vine leaves.  The hanging banners are stitched with very fine silk floss and with metal thread embroidery.  This gives an added layer of dimension to an already beautiful panel. 

This panel would be beautiful hang as a whole, or could be framed in smaller pieces. 

Caring for kimonos was a very time consuming and precise skill in order to keep the quality of the fabric and embroidery in best condition.  First the kimono was fully disassembled.  The kimono is generally only ‘tacked’ together lightly, making disassembling easier.  The prized panels of silk were then cleaned, re starched, mended and reconstructed into the kimono.  When favourite kimonos became too worn, they were repurposed and made into other clothing or ties.  

Product code:  1146

Size:    350 x 4100 mm

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