Hill Tribes of Guizhou:

Festivals, Traditions and Textiles

11 Day tour - 17 to 27th February 2018

Designed exclusively for Soulful Stitches


  • Visit annual festivals of Hundred-Bird Coat, Short Skirt Miao, Black Miao, Flowered Miao and Long Horn Miao
  • Visit masters of Dong embroidery and Tin embroidery.  See local villages making their textiles at every opportunity. 
  • Very small group and personalised tour with experienced guide who speaks most local dialects. 
  • Opportunity to visit homes while locals prepare for festivals.  
  • Fully inclusive of all accommodation and food


Day 1: Arrive Guangzhou and be met by our specialist tour guide for introduction to this modern city

.Day 2:  Guangzhou to Guizhou:  Take an early high speed train for to Guizhou Region, to be met by our private van and driver.  Lunch in Zhaoxing before visiting the Taiguanren festival.  Overnight in Zhaoxing

Day 3:  Zhaoxing to Rongjiang:  Visit Xiaohuang, Huanggang and more traditional less known villages of Dong tribe on the way.  With the Duiliu River valley to its south, live the large tribe of Dong people who speak with southern accent.  They have common words with the Dai people in South Yunan and Thai people in Thailand.  This large group are known to build the most beautiful drum towers, wind-and-rain bridges.  In Zengcong, you will visit the oldest drum tower built in 1672.  Stone stelas under this drum tower are curved with Chinese signs telling the tribe to respect and obey and to behave carefully.  Overnight in Rongjiang

Day 4:  Rongjiang to Sanjiang;  We will visit the Hundred –bird Miao village and see their textiles today.  Hundred-bird Miao live in remote mountainous villages north of Rongjiang.  Their festival costume is mostly dyed with shiny indigo, with dramatic design of many birds with dragon body.  You will see their festival drews with silver crown, indigo dyed jacked with applied woven bands and chicken feather fringes.  Overnight in Rongjiang

Day 5:  Rongjiang to Nanshao:  Today we drive to Leli and Ruili where we meet a ‘master’ of coiled floss stitch of the Dong group.  Her stitches are very fine and done with precision and speed.  We will spend the day visiting different dong groups, exploring the villages and seeing the embroidery being done.  Visiting Liuying who we met on a previous trip who was making a very traditional jacket for her mother to take her into the invisible world.  The coiled floss is the skill that every woman needs to have and is used widely on baby carriers, aprons, jackets and baby caps.  In the afternoon we will visit Kongsheng to see the Mini-skirted Miao who make the shortest pleated skirts with delicate pleating.  To Nanshao. Overnight.    

Day 6:  Nanshao to Kaili:  Today we will visit the Tin Stitch Miao who live near Jianhe.  Tin stitching is quite rare to see.  They make very fine embroidery on a dark hand woven background with very fine strips of tin.  This rare stitch is only used in small panels as an apron and another panel at the back of their jacket.    In the afternoon, we will drive to Kaili, and visit the festival of the Short-skirt Miao.  Stay in Kaili.

Day 7:  Kaili to Pingba:  Today we visit the Black Miao group who fled from war with the Manchurian army in the 1870’s.  They are scattered in the outskirts of Pingba.  They will host their festival ‘Tiaohua’ – Dance to a holy tree.  The tree transplanted in the mountain slope is considered a symbol of prosperity for having children and wealth.  It is expected that several other Miao groups will join this festival.  Stay in Pingba.

Day 8:  Pingba to Nayong:  We are hosted by the Flowered Miao, who are similar to the Vietnamese Hmong in Lao Cai.  This festival will attract thousands of people, but few visitors.   Stay in Nayong.

Day 9:  Nayong to Suoga:  This will be the highlight of the tourin Guizhou.  All the Long-Horned Miao from twelve villages will meet in Suoga village.  Single girls will be fully dressed with long comb in a huge horn shape to fix the hair from several generations in to an extraordinary headdress.    The girls will be in full festival dress displaying their embroidered garments.  As the festival starts at around noon, we will visit their homes and learn more about their textiles, embroidery and batik, and see the girls getting ready!  Stay in Liuzhi.

Day 10:  Luizhi to Guiyang.  We will visit stone castles near Anshun built during the Ming and Qing dynasties, as well as the Buyi group who do exquisite batik.  Overnight in Guiyang.

Day 11:  Guiyang to Guangzhou:  Visit the sites of Guiyang in the morning, ready for high speed train to Guangzhou.  Overnight in Guangzhou. 

Other information

  • 3 meals a day plus accommodation included 
  • Price for land content only
  • Flights and visas additional
  • majority of nights in quality 4* hotel accommodation with the 2 nights in 3* accommodation and f 1 night in basic hotel. 
  • Materials for lessons with Masters of Chinese embroideries included.

For costs of this trip, please contact gail@soulfulstitches.com.au  


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