Tribal Textiles

Supplementary Weft weaving from Laos.jpg

The textile arts have been rural-bound treasures for centuries. No matter the country, state, or region, we find incredible examples of high craftsmanship tucked away in some of the most unexpected and remote places.

Soulful Stitches will offer a range of textiles from tribal regions throughout the world, particularly those featuring quality embroidery and woven techniques.  Whether from India, Indonesia or Africa, you will continue to find a variety on offer here.  To complement this, blogs will feature specific techniques or styles of textiles which very often have been developed by a group in isolation.  

From every corner of the earth, beautiful gems will be uncovered and explained to you.   

Where in the World

In our Where in the World map, we will be focusing on places of interest for you to visit to expand your knowledge of textiles. It may be a museum which specialises in collecting regional textiles, or to a region where the older techniques can still be seen by master craftsmen.  Tell us what museums or places you found interesting.   Click here for our map.   


The main picture on this page is of a panel from Laos showing discontinuous weft weaving.  This video shows how complicated the weaving is.