Where in the World

Do you have a passion for textiles and travel with your family or for business…can sneak an hour to yourselves to top up your love of textiles.  Put in your destination country, and see what museums you may like to visit.

Help us complete the picture?

When ever heading off travelling, this map may help you to 'sneak' in a textile museum to visit on your holiday.  We are building a comprehensive list of destinations you may wish to add to your holiday or touring calendar.  Some are well known, others less so, but all will have a particular interest for the interested textile traveler.    

If you have found a museum you think other textile lovers may like… let us know, and we will add it to our ‘where in the world map? 

Please tell something you liked about the museum ...

  • The name and address of museum
  • A picture of  the museum if you have taken one
  • Tell us why you think other textile lovers may want to visit the museum
  •  If you have a web site address, this would help...if not we can find it.  
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